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NOTE: We've recently updated our Success Through People(c) Model and improved and expanded the resources available to help you and your business achieve Success Through People. The best place to access the updated tools and resources is via our new website - click the logo below to access:

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Managing staff can be a real challenge for many businesses. Finding the right people can be difficult, engaging them can be expensive, compliance can be a real headache and managing and motivating them can be downright frustrating!

This is where our exclusive 8 Elements to Success Through People© Model comes in.

Our 8 elements model provides a structure to help assess current people management practices within a business, and identify and prioritise strategies that can make a real and significant difference to profitability, culture and ongoing success.

The model is based on our many years’ experience as HR professionals and our hard-earned insight that those clients who achieve the greatest success (regardless of their size, nature and industry sector), share some common attributes in terms of how they manage their people.

Mouse over each of the elements below for an overview.

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Successful businesses have clear goals and ensure that the activity of all those involved in the business is aligned towards achieving them.
Successful businesses recruit for skills, knowledge AND temperament.  They also have clear strategies and processes to support the recruitment and retention of the very best employees.
Learning and development should be effectively managed and clearly linked to business outcomes: needs analysis, talent management, skills training, management training and coaching.
Successful businesses set and reinforce clear expectations throughout the employment lifecycle: position descriptions, recruitment, induction, performance reviews, recognition and reward strategies.
Leadership needs to be effective from both task and people perspectives: achievement –focused, capable, authentic and relatable, consultative and consistent.
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Effective businesses nurture and value the contribution of their employees: recognition and reward structures, providing opportunities for growth, motivating for performance, saying thank you!
Sustainable businesses manage the risks associated with employment: succession planning, attraction and retention, performance, health and safety and legislative compliance.
In addition to setting clear expectations, the best businesses foster a culture of accountability: KPI's/Benchmarking, customer and employee surveys, performance management and review.