Starting and/or running a micro-business can be challenging (we know, we’ve done it!). Building relationships, getting a handle on sales and marketing, managing insurances, packaging and pricing your goods and/or services – it’s all pretty difficult.

One particular area of challenge for many new and micro-businesses is the people side of it. How do I find/select the right person? How do I make it clear what I need them to do? Am I paying them correctly? How can I best protect my business? What happens if things go wrong?

These are questions we deal with every day, and we love to help small businesses grow (so much so that we proudly sponsor the good work of the Western Sydney Business Centre). So if you’re the owner of a start-up or you’re running a micro-business and have these sorts of questions running about your head, give us a call and introduce yourself - we’d love to get to know you.