If you own or run an SME, it’s highly likely that you know by now that one of the key challenges to running a successful business relates to effectively managing your people. Chances are, they’re also a very significant part of the operating costs of the business, so it’s an aspect of your business that rightly demands your attention.

That said, it’s also an area that many SME owners and operators find to be pretty challenging. Indeed, the most common call we get tends to come from SME owners who in one way or another (and sometime very colourfully!) tell us that they are spending a lot of time dealing with “staff stuff” and need help so that they can concentrate on other aspects of building their business.

The other common call that we get tends to come from those SME owners who have the basic people management “stuff” in place, yet recognise the long-term value in further investing in and developing themselves and their team. They want to shift from having a good team to having a great team!

If any of this “ring bells” for you, we’d love to chat as we’re pretty sure we can add some value!