I’m an accountant. I’m all about making money.
If you want to make money, get your culture right first.
Don’t waste your time on the other stuff.

Giam Swiegers,
former CEO of Deloitte Australia

The evidence is clear. Developing and maintaining highly constructive cultures and leadership behaviours is critical to individual and collective performance:

  • Constructive cultures lead to better results at individual, team and organisational levels (research by Human Synergistics):
    • Individual staff:  32% more motivated, 26% more satisfied and 25% more likely to stay with the organisation
    • Teams: 28% more effective teamwork and 25% greater commitment to producing a quality result
    • Organisations: 32% more adaptable to changes in the external environment and 32% higher quality performance
  • “Adaptive” cultures have 4x the average revenue growth and 12x the growth in stock value (10 year study by Kotter and Heskett)
  • Firms deemed “effective people managers” generate 35% higher revenue per employee (PwC)

We’ve helped organisations of all shapes and sizes to improve results through the development and successful deployment of organisational culture and leadership development strategies. Our culture and leadership clients have included NSW Dept of Premier and Cabinet, Fairfield City Council, Catholic Healthcare, Scenic World, Konekt Workplace Health Solutions and Polar Fresh Cold Chain Services.
Our programs are individually tailored to make a real impact upon your business/organisation. Results from our previous programs include:
  • Culture development: Average positive shift in culture styles of 34.8% across the organisation
  • Leadership development: Average increase in constructive culture styles of 22% among leadership team members
  • Personal development: More than 96% of >90 participants indicated that their participation in the program would enhance their effectiveness

Much of our organisational culture, team and leadership development work involves the use of proven Human Synergistics tools as a means to diagnose, analyse and plan strategies to improve individual and collective performance.  The centrepiece of the Human Synergistics methodology is the Human Synergistics Circumplex™ (©2001 Human Synergistics International | Research & Development by Robert A Cooke, PhD and J Clayton Lafferty, PhD), based on 40 years of research and shown below:

We are accredited and experienced in the use of the following Human Synergistics tools to support the transformation of individuals, managers & leaders, teams and organisations:

  • Life Styles InventoryTM  (LSI 1 and LSI 2)
  • Management/ImpactTM (M/I)
  • Leadership/Impact® (L/I)
  • Group Styles Inventory (GSI)
  • Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI)
  • Organisational Effectiveness InventoryTM (OEI)


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