Studies have repeatedly shown that engaged staff result in more profitable businesses (Gallup studies for example indicate that firms with high employee engagement are 50% more likely to have low staff turnover and 38% more likely to have higher productivity).

A fundamental starting point to creating engaged staff is to understand their thoughts and feelings about your business, their job and other aspects of their workplace “life” that are important to them.

Our Success through People Staff Pulse Survey provides a simple, fully-customisable and cost-effective way for you to:

  • Gather and begin to understand the current sentiment of your team
  • Access their ideas and suggestions for improvement
  • Measure current levels of staff satisfaction and engagement
  • Get an indication of staff members' intentions to stay with or leave the business
  • Identify and address those hidden issues and frustrations that impact business performance
  • Better understand how staff perceive your business is travelling in terms of our exclusive 8 Elements to Success through People© Model (and compare those results to your own/management's perceptions)
  • Repeat the survey over subsequent periods to track progress/trends

Of course, we can also provide you with the support you need to effectively address issues raised through the survey, determine and work your way along the path to higher levels of engagement, greater productivity and profitability.

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