We provide professional ongoing or ad-hoc or project-based outsourced HR support for a range of businesses, corporates and public sector organisations.

Ongoing Support

For a range of SME clients, we effectively act as their professional HR Manager. In doing so, we come to intimately understand your business and what it takes to optimise the contribution of your team. We also come with the very big advantage that we are there only when you need us, meaning that you have ready access to professional HR support at considerably lower cost than you would pay for an experienced HR Manager!

We typically support our ongoing clients with a range of matters including:

  • Managing staff recruitment, selection and onboarding
  • Overseeing/coordinating and often facilitating staff training
  • Supporting the management of difficult performance/conduct issues
  • Developing/reviewing HR and WHS policies and procedures
  • Minimising the risk of non-compliance with Fair Work, WHS and other legislation relevant to employment.

If you are interested in receiving ongoing support, you might also be interested in our 8 Elements to Success Through People© program.

Ad-hoc HR Outsourcing & Project Support

If you just need to outsource ad-hoc or project-based HR support, we can help you with that also!

We often help SMEs and larger private, not for profit and public sector organisations with a whole range of human recources matters including, for example:

  • Restructuring Support
  • Development of role descriptions
  • Development and implementation of performance management processes
  • Recruitment and selection support
  • Workforce planning
  • HR/WHS compliance matters and risk reviews
  • Workplace grievances and disputes
  • Staff training

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