In addition to the challenges companies face in managing people on a day to day basis, there are also a significant number of laws that you must follow when you employ people.

One of the ways in which we add value to our clients is by working with them to minimise the risks associated with engaging staff and contractors. And those risks can be considerable. Did you know, for example, that fines for a single breach of the Fair Work Act can be up to $63,000 for a corporation, and $12,600 for an individual?

We’re here to help.

Amongst other things, we can:

  • Undertake a thorough HR Risk Review that checks your level of compliance against various workplace laws, and provides recommendations to minimise your risk and/or to resolve issues
  • Check that you are paying your employees the correct amount under the relevant Award
  • Help you manage your way through a potentially risky situation like a difficult termination, grievance or dispute.

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