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Our exclusive 8 Elements to Success Through People© Program is our key support program for SMEs.

It’s all about building the right people-management infrastructure within your business, using the 8 Elements to Success Through People© model as the blueprint.

Over an agreed period of time, we provide you with the direct support you need to review, develop, effectively implement and sustain the right people management practices to contribute to your business success.

Flexibility is the key, with the program specially-designed based on your individual business needs, your people, your time and budget!:

  • We can, for example, equip you with the basic infrastructure and guidance you need to  begin to implement the 8 elements, then meet with you periodically to ensure things stay on track.
  • Alternately, we can take direct charge of the implementation while you focus on other aspects of building your business.
  • If you need a quick result, the model can be implemented with intense support in as little as a couple of months, or we can also work with you over an extended period to help you better manage your budget and/or time. It’s your choice!

While the basic building blocks will  be similar, we absolutely recognise that every business is unique. Each business has its own culture, unique strengths, differing levels of capability and begins from a different point. Our 8 Elements to Success Through People© Program is not a generic off-the-shelf, impersonal program with limited support. It’s a personal, professional consulting partnership, through which we come to understand you, your people, your business and through that understanding deliver a unique variation of our model that recognises and fits your precise requirements!

We’d love to meet you and begin a conversation. Call us to discuss your needs – 1300 783 211.