Much of our organisational culture, team and leadership development work involves the use of proven Human Synergistics tools, which provide a means to measure, report, discuss and better understand individual and collective human behaviour, and their impact upon performance. 

The centrepiece of the Human Synergistics methodology is the Human Synergistics Circumplex™, based on 40 years of research (©2001 Human Synergistics International | Research & Development by Robert A Cooke, PhD and J Clayton Lafferty, PhD), and shown below. The 12 “styles” of thinking and behaviour are grouped into three clusters:


Constructive Styles (Blue) – Reflect an effective balance of people and tasks and are highly correlated with successful individuals and high-performing, profitable organisations. Behaviours include setting challenging goals, effective problem solving, expectations of high quality and supporting and encouraging others.

Passive/Defensive Styles (Green) – Strong focus on people at the expense of task achievement. Less effective leaders and stale/inflexible organisations will often score quite highly on these styles. Focus is more on security and protection rather than striving for something better. Behaviours may include avoiding tough decisions, not accepting responsibility and over-concern with what others think.
Aggressive/Defensive Styles (Red) – Key focus is on achievement of tasks above the needs of other individuals and/or the group. These styles sometimes bring short-term success at the expense of sustainable performance and relationships. Behaviours may include perfectionism, need to retain control and constant criticism of the contributions of others.
The results of these diagnostic tools provide a more objective and sound base from which to plan, develop and implement improvement strategies that achieve real results (click here to review sample clients and results). 
We are accredited and experienced in the use of the following Human Synergistics tools:
  • Life Styles InventoryTM  (LSI 1 and LSI 2) – The LSI identifies the underlying thoughts and motivations that guide an individual's behaviour. Includes self-assessment and feedback from others. 
  • Management/ImpactTM (M/I) – This powerful tool provides participants with insight into their management approaches, their impact on others and their overall effectiveness.
  • Leadership/Impact® (L/I) – This tool is designed specifically for those in senior leadership roles - primarily senior managers and CEOs. L/I represents the cutting edge of research into leadership effectiveness.
  • Group Styles Inventory (GSI) - The GSI is a team based measure, which assesses the behaviours observed by team members during a real or simulated team decision-making exercise. The results of the GSI provide real insight into the “inner workings” of a team and how the team’s current practices are contributing to or inhibiting effectiveness.
  • Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) - The OCI is the most widely used and thoroughly researched tool for measuring organisational culture in the world. It provides a profile of an organisation's operating culture, in terms of the behaviours that members believe are required to "fit in and meet expectations". These expectations subsequently drive behaviour and directly impact organisational performance. 
  • Organisational Effectiveness InventoryTM (OEI) – When used in conjunction with the OCI, the OEI helps to identify the Causal Factors (Levers for Change) that shape organisational culture and subsequent outcomes. 
We’ve achieved great results at individual, group and organisational levels through the planning and deployment of programs based on these methodologies.
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