Recruiting Right - Food for Thought

Successful businesses recruit for skills, knowledge AND temperament. They also have clear strategies and processes to support the recruitment and retention of the very best employees.

With significant competition for the best staff, good businesses know that they need to be "on their game" in order to attract and retain great candidates. This means knowing how to conduct a professional and thorough recruitment process, including:

  • effectively scoping the role
  • knowing where to look for the right candidates
  • drafting effective advertisements and professionally handing enquiries
  • skilfully assessing candidates
  • making an appropriate offer
  • implementing an effective onboarding process.

So let me ask you – how's your business doing? Are you Recruiting Right?

Rate each of the following items on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being "not at all", and 5 being "to a great extent".

To what extent:

  • Do those with responsibility for recruitment and selection in the business have the appropriate experience and skills?
  • Are there clear selection criteria for each role within the business?
  • Does the business consistently use a structured interview process?
  • Are skills-based and psychometric tests available/used for relevant positions?
  • Are referee and other relevant checks undertaken prior to appointing new staff members?

Add your responses together to give you a total score out of 25.

Score <14: It's probable that there is scope for significant improvement
Score 14 - 20: It's likely that there is scope for further improvement
Score 21 – 25: Great work! You may still be able to identify a few tips to improve even further

Tips to Improve:

  • Know your market – ensure that the proposed remuneration and conditions for the role are not only compliant but also sufficient to attract the right calibre of candidates.
  • Understand and promote those attributes that might make your business attractive to the best candidates (it could be a flexible workplace culture, location, working environment and/or development opportunities for example).
  • Ensure that only those with appropriate experience and training are managing recruitment and selection in your business.
  • Be sure that you have a quality position description (including criteria) in place before you commence the recruitment process. BONUS TIP: you can access a complimentary position description template and note via the Resources page of our website (while you're at it, there's also a complimentary Recruitment Checklist available on the same page).
  • Use a combination of methods to assess candidates. The more pieces of the puzzle you have, the more complete the picture. Consider, for example, using structured interviews, psychometric assessments, skills tests relevant to the role and verbal referee reports.

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