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Fair Work News/Changes (Feb 2020)

Fair Work Information Statement

The Fair Work Commission has recently updated the Fair Work Information Statement that all employers are required to provide to new employees upon commencement. The Information Statement outlines minimum employment entitlements that apply to all employees of your business. Whilst the provisions are essentially the same, there is some clarification around the way personal / carer's leave is accrued and taken. The new Statement also has a cleaner look and feel and is designed to be easier for new employees to read and understand.

You should ensure you have copies of this Information Statement available to provide to all new employees as part of their employment offer / onboarding process. You can do this in person / in print, or by email.

For a further details and to access a copy of the new Fair Work Information Statement, click here.

Changes to Awards

The Fair Work Commission has been undertaking a review of all modern awards.

As a result of this process, awards will be changing. Revised awards are being released in 3 stages, with changes to awards in the first stage applying from the first full pay period on or after 4 February 2020. Revised awards released in this first stage include:

  • Banking, Finance and Insurance Industry Award
  • Gardening and Landscaping Award
  • Legal Award
  • Pharmacy Award
  • Real Estate Award

For most awards, the biggest change is expected to the layout and the language of the award, in an effort to make awards simpler and easier to understand (let's hope so!). In most cases, the nature of the entitlements within awards will not change significantly, if at all.

We strongly suggest clients review the details and become familiar with the changes. Click here for further information.

This article is current at the time of writing, provides general information only and may not apply in all cases. This information should not be regarded as legal advice. If you have concerns, you should seek advice relating to your specific situation. 

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