"Our company has operated for many years and through a few generations of my family but when I came into the business, I recognised that we couldn’t continue to do things the way we were and that we had to change, had to modernise particularly with regard to our practices around employment.

I was referred to HR Success so I contacted them and met shortly after with them.  I gave Greg and Paul a rundown on our business, what we do, how we were travelling, which was not good at the time and what I thought I needed to do regarding our existing employees and to get the business on track again.  I soon figured out that these guys were awesome!  What they didn’t know between them wasn’t worth mentioning. Greg assigned Paul to our account so I have dealt exclusively with Paul for nearly 12-months now.

After that initial consultation and Greg and Paul’s recommendations, Paul subsequently confirmed those and set out a plan of action to follow.  We were completely guided by Paul through the process which was one of redundancies and job re-organisation.  He also wrote position descriptions and new contracts of employment for us.  I realise now just how exposed to risk our business was.  I fully understand and support the changes Paul has helped us implement because I know they are for the best and are professionalising our business operations.

I see HR Success as our partners in all employment related matters and as far as I am concerned, our business relationship will be an ongoing and long term one.  If these guys and their knowledge and professionalism wasn’t awesome enough, their ability to understand my business, my needs, my problems and how to resolve them is second to none!  And best of all, I’m not having to take out a loan to engage them.  Their customer service to our business has been exemplary and they stuck with us solidly even when things did get a little tough at times.  I would strongly recommend HR Success to any business looking for guys that are experts in HR to partner with your business."

Josh Thorburn
General Manager
Thorburn and Sons Pty Ltd


Greg Mitchell’s support across a host of issues over the last 18 months or so has been invaluable to Northern Cemeteries, particularly mentoring and improving the leadership capability within the organisation.

The Focus on our Leadership program has given participants great insight into their individual thinking and behavioural styles and how to improve them.  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team workshop really brought us together as a more cohesive, effective leadership team.

Greg has a practical and insightful approach that encourages and enables people to make lasting change that positively impacts them personally, and the organisation.

As a result of Greg’s support, we now have individual leaders working as a team and well-equipped to help the organisation meet future challenges and opportunities.

Pauline Tritton
Chief Executive Officer
Northern Cemeteries


"I recently completed the Focus on Leadership Program with HR Success. The program gave me a great opportunity to reflect upon my current thinking and behavioural styles and how they are impacting me personally, and my effectiveness as a leader.

The regular one-on-one sessions and various tasks and readings throughout the program have enabled me to more effectively communicate with my staff and other key stakeholders, achieve a better balance between my work and personal life, and establish a firm foundation of thinking and behaviour from which I can lead the further growth and success of the Penrith CBD Corporation.

This was a truly excellent program, and I heartily recommend it!"

Gai Hawthorn
Penrith CBD Corporation


"We engaged HR Success to facilitate their DISCovery program with our team.

It was a great opportunity to spend some time learning and reflecting on our own personal styles, and also discuss how we could better work with each other, and our clients. The session provided plenty of opportunities for interaction and a bit of fun!

The value of the program to us was not only better communication but also learning how to communicate with the different people in our office. We learned that everyone doesn’t hear the same. It allowed our team to understand each other far better than we did before. The importance of HR Success in this program cannot be undervalued as they drive the learning segment with clear understanding of our business and culture.

I absolutely recommend the DISCovery program to those individuals and teams keen to learn a bit more about themselves and improve their interactions with others."

Shanaka De Silva
Synergy Accounting



“The HR Success team have provided professional, informed and constructive views whilst working with us to review and improve our Management Team Job Descriptions, KPIs and Incentive structures. They also provided great insights and independent Interviewing and Assessment procedures which guided us through a very professional selection process . We love using local businesses to contribute to our business’s success .”

Lea Hicks
General Manager, The HIX Group


"At Qalchek, we needed a HR system that could bring all our staff records into a central repository that we could access from anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also needed a system that would help us to follow processes and procedures and after HR Success demonstrated enableHR to us, we knew it fitted what we needed.

HR Success implemented enableHR for Qalchek in May 2014 and frankly, we love it! It helps us to ensure we manage our staff consistent with legally compliant processes and brings all our staff related records together in one place. Being web based, we can access enableHR anywhere, anytime and it has proven to be an outstanding business tool that actively helps us manage a large part of our business, our people.

The other amazing aspect is that enableHR is quite inexpensive for such a comprehensive HR solution that contains templates and information which are updated regularly. As far as we are concerned, purchasing enableHR was really a no-brainer and we’ve never looked back."

Melisa and David Loizou
Qalcheck Directors


"It is with pleasure that we provide this testimonial on behalf of HR Success. HR Success has been of great support to our company over the past 12 months in helping us achieve our accreditation in AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. We initially had an audit undertaken on our existing Management System and from this audit gaps were found. With limited resources and specialist experience, we engaged the services of HR Success to help us achieve the accreditation we required. HR Success provided support at both strategic and operational levels which ultimately enabled us to achieve accreditation in our very first audit. This accreditation has in turn provided us with additional opportunities to win new business.

The support of HR Success was not only professional and timely, but was provided in a way that allowed us to build our own capability so that we can now better manage our health and safety responsibilities in house. Regardless of whether a business is looking to achieve formal accreditation or is simply looking for better ways to manage their work health and safety responsibilities it is with no hesitation that we recommend the services of HR Success."

Wayne Young, Governing Director, J.Wyndham Prince


“The support of HR Success has been invaluable in helping us identify and address the critical people issues that were impacting the growth of our business and potentially exposing us to risk. In just a few months, HR Success worked with us to determine the right structure for our next phase of growth, introduced us to some excellent tools and put in place the core strategies and policies we need to effectively manage the team and capitalise on the growth opportunities. The support has been personal, flexible and directly relevant to the needs of our business.”

Clive White, General Manager, Ensitech Pty Ltd



“Working with HR Success has allowed us to quickly develop and implement HR strategies that add real value to our business. We are now much more focused on the expectations we have of our staff and better able to hold them accountable. Our policies and procedures are much clearer and we have a solid plan in place to further improve staff satisfaction, retention and risk management.

Greg has taken the time to understand our business, highlight those areas that will make a difference and work with us to brainstorm ideas, develop plans and design strategies and systems that are tailored especially to  our workplace. We have regular coaching sessions and whilst Greg makes sure we stay on track, he does so in a way that is both encouraging and supportive.

I strongly recommend HR Success to those businesses looking to get the best out of their staff.”

Geoff Stodart, former HR/WHS Manager, Scenic World


“Thank you for your great presentation and excellent work in connection with the strategic review of the organisation structure and operating framework of Forests NSW. The recommendations arising out of the review really hit the mark and provide a firm focus from which we can move forward with our efforts to transform the business.”

Nick Roberts, CEO, Forestry Corporation of NSW (formerly Forests NSW)