Reduce Risk and Gain Peace of Mind Today with HRDOCS

HRDOCS provides a cost-effective and simple solution to businesses looking to develop a professional suite of HR/WHS documents/processes to improve productivity and minimise risk.

All HRDOCS are backed by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors.

Among many other benefits, HRDOCS can help you to:

  • meet your obligations under Fair Work
  • manage leave correctly
  • guard against unfair dismissal claims
  • improve and streamline development of HR policies and correspondence
  • manage Work Health and Safety compliance
  • develop Employee Handbooks and Policy Manuals, to establish staff expectations and ensure accountability.

All this and more from just $25 for single documents, with savings of over 50% available for HRDOCS packages.

With over 200 documents available, there’s sure to be something to benefit your business. Documents include:

Policies – Induction Policy, Vehicle Policy, Social Media, Working From Home Policy + ~70 more

Agreements – Contract of Employment, Engagement Letter, Deed of Release + more

Forms – Job Application Form, Request for Parental Leave, Hazard Report Form + ~30 more

Correspondence – Completion of Probation Letter, Authority to Doctor, Warning Letter + ~45 more

Checklists – Interview Guide, Redundancy Checklist, Contractor Induction Checklist + ~25 more

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All HRDOCS purchases are subject to the Terms and Conditions, available here.

"We are a small social enterprise and have only just started to employ people and weren’t quite sure where to begin. We found out about the HRDOCS Essentials Package and thought it might help. It has in fact been a huge help and has given us a fantastic start in terms of getting our key documentation in place and helping us meet our compliance obligations. Not only that, but the Employee Handbook was easy to customise and as a result, everyone is now absolutely clear about what it expected of them. We highly recommend the HRDOCS Essentials Package to those small businesses just starting to employ staff and those more established businesses wanting to ensure they have their bases covered.”

David Hardie, Vice-Chairman, The Social Outfit.