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Poor Workplace Behaviour – Don’t end up in the news for all the wrong reasons…

There has in recent weeks been a huge amount reported and written about allegations of harassment (sexual and otherwise), bullying and intimidation against employees – often, but not always, women – by people in more senior positions. Whilst the focus of these allegations, both here in Australia and overseas, has been on the entertainment industry,...
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Why do the good employees leave? Engaging and keeping the “keepers”

Have you ever wondered why it's the good people in your organisation who move on – yet the "dead wood" effectively quit and stay?Recognising and rewarding talent in your organisation – and engaging those people so that they want to help you succeed in business – is a critical competitive advantage that you possess and should harness. Step 1 is, of ...
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Record $660,000 Fine for Wages Underpayment

A Melbourne fruit market was recently fined a record $660,000 by the Fair Work Commission for underpaying a newly-arrived refugee worker. The penalty comprised a $16,020 personal fine against the former owner-operator of the fruit market, and $644,000 against the company. The worker was paid as little as $3.50 an hour, as opposed to the Award oblig...
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